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AD9361 Rx mixer M*N spur

Question asked by CDRFT Employee on Mar 2, 2016
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Hi, My friends

We used ADI's demo board, and input a single tone @310Mhz, and set the Lo frequency as below table, For Lo=101Mhz/102Mhz/103Mhz/104Mhz/105Mhz/106Mhz we got in band spur @ 94Mhz/98Mhz/102Mhz/106Mhz/110Mhz/114Mhz;


My question is :

Does the in band spur comes from the M*N spur of the Mixer ( 3*LO-RF )?

What's the M*N spur performance of the internal mixer of AD9361? Do we have the same table shown in normal mixer's datasheet. (See below pic)



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