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AD936X TDD and FDD configuration

Question asked by manideep on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by tlili

I have got some inputs for our TDD and FDD configurations.


FDD: bandwidth : 20-30MHz

2.time slot of frame >= 1ms

3.RX central frequency is more than 300 MHz of TX central frequency



1. Channel bandwidth: 3-50MHz.

2. Tx central frequency = Rx central frequency.

3. Rx/Tx time-slot width: <=700 us

4. Its  frequency hopping  system.


Both TDD and FDD configurations are frequency hopping system.


1.Could AD936X  Work in above configurations?

2.please let me know the calibration procedures for the above configurations?

3.As I understand AD936x works for the channel bandwidths of below or equal to 20 MHz.If am I wrong,please let me now in detail.

4.Is it possible TX synthesizer enabling in RX time and  Rx synthesizer enabling in TX time in TDD mode because we have less time slots for TX  and RX so,i don't want to spare TX And RX lock time of 40us in TDD mode. IF it is possible give the solution.

5.How fast The RX LNA , Fast AGC mode and Tx amplifiers will react?

6. Could I switch TX and RX LO's in 1MHz step and from start frequency to last frequency( Our frequency band have 600 frequencies) because its hopping system?