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USB Init Code BF548

Question asked by Johan@Hannes on Jul 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2011 by MartinK

Hi everyone,


I have had a look at example from AD how to init device, in order to perform bulk transfer. File adi_usb_bulkadi.c is only a template, isn't it?



In given example there were already implemented two modes(two configs), but i haven't figured out how to init device properly to use both modes since USBView (a tool which shows available descriptors) shows only one config with proper interface and EP'. i've took USB_init function from AD.


Nevertheless i started to modify adi_usb_bulkadi.c(static s32_t VSBulkConfigure())  in order to support different modes, such as HIgh speed and Full speed  USB. Next step might be to init device.


Can someone provide me any start init code and help me getting started pls?


I thank everyone in advance.