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AD9361 data captured from the receiver ADC

Question asked by connie on Mar 1, 2016
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I connected Tx2 and RX2 of my fmcomms3 board, and load a file to the Tx side.  I created a QPSK.txt file with 128 points in that file, and the four points are

0.70711, -0.70711

-0.70711, -0.70711

-0.70711, 0.70711

0.70711, 0.70711

Then I got some data from the receiver side of AD9361. Although the data I got show squares, there existed an angel shift of the squares when I changed RX_LO and TX_LO frequencies. I attached a picture to show how the data changed when I changes the LO frequencies.

I am wondering how this happens, as I didn't change the file loaded to Tx. Is the number of samples affect the results?