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Question asked by KKSL on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by KKSL

I am working on a custom ADAV4601 board and USBi.

I am powering up the IC using I2C script window.

I am able to successfully power-up the IC and load a custom flow.


1. Is there a Delay command that I can insert between the two 34 AAAA DDDD WRITEs?


34 AAA1 DDD1

Delay 15ms

34 AAA2 DDD2


I have realized that the 15ms delay after powering up the PLL is very critical.

For now I just delay the WRITEs manually.


2. Is the ADI Surround block buggy?

There is no dialogue anchoring in the center channel and the surround channels have dialogue leakage.

If yes, can AD fix it? This block is the reason for me to look beyond the ADAU1701.


3. Can I have access to the application layer software mentioned in the ADAV46xx system document, which b.t.w. is very well written?


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