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ADV7612: 444 SDR 24 bit

Question asked by NicolaFiorucci on Jul 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2011 by GuenterL

I have a problem to understand how the data are send to the pixel output pins in the 24-Bit SDR 4:4:4 Mode 0 OP_FORMAT_SEL = 0x40.

From the table 6 of the datasheet i can see only 8-bit for each component so i'm wondering if i had to wait more clock pulse to have all the 24 bit for each component. I know that maybe 24 - bit means that 8 bit is for R component, 8 bit for the G component and 8 bit for the B component, so which is the difference when i work in 24 bit mode (with 3x8bit pixel data) and when i work in 10 bit mode with 10 bit for each component?