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Register setting of ADF4001

Question asked by sin on Feb 29, 2016
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I have some questions about ADF4001 from my customers.

1. This part has four registers.   These are R counter, N counter, Function latch and Initialization latch.
    And each register of these has 24-bit length. But DB22 and DB23 are reserved, DON'T CARE.
    DB21 is "DON'T CARE", too in the R counter.
    In this case, should we write 0 or 1 in DB21, DB22 and DB23 ?
    Is it enough that we write from DB0 to DB20 ?


2. The product page of ADF4001 recommends ADF4002 as the alternative parts.
   Is it better that we use ADF4002 in the new design ?


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