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AD9361 gain table setting when using external LNA

Question asked by Mingming Employee on Feb 28, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by DragosB

Dear support team,

I have a customer to raise a external LNA control question.


In the NO OS driver inital code.  There are below items.


In customer design, LNA is 12dB gain when enable, 8dB loss when bypass.  Using GPIO0/1 to control LNA bypass or disable.


One question is what is mean for


//elna_gaintable_all_index_enable *** adi,elna-gaintable-all-index-enable



If set to 1, what does it mean? Will AD9361 will turn on LNA (GPIO is high) no matter the gain index is setting?  



/* External LNA Control */


       100,         //elna_settling_delay_ns *** adi,elna-settling-delay-ns


       12000,       //elna_gain_mdB *** adi,elna-gain-mdB


       8000,        //elna_bypass_loss_mdB *** adi,elna-bypass-loss-mdB


       1,           //elna_rx1_gpo0_control_enable *** adi,elna-rx1-gpo0-control-enable


       1,           //elna_rx2_gpo1_control_enable *** adi,elna-rx2-gpo1-control-enable


               1,   //elna_gaintable_all_index_enable *** adi,elna-gaintable-all-index-enable