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About data rate of AD9364

Question asked by manideep on Feb 28, 2016
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Now we started testing of AD9364 with ZC706.I have doubts regarding data rate and sampling frequency.Let me know the minimum oversampling factor for this device.I'm little bit confused with  the data rate which is mentioned in AD9364 reference manual.The maximum data rate supported in single port full duplex and single port half duplex is 30.72 Msps and 61.44 Msps respectively in IR1T configurations.

How do I know the configuration setting in IIO oscilloscope GUI.?

Is  combined I and Q is band pass signal ?

why Tx sampling rate is 122.88 Msps only.The DAC supports 320Msps .can I use Tx sampling rate 320 Msps with out using interpolation.

So I can use maximum data rate more than 100 Msps. we required data rate of 50Msps.I'm trying to generate DDS frequencies of 50MHz,

but its not generating.please tell me how to simulate this scenario?