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ADV7513 to receive BT.1120

Question asked by henry-tang on Feb 27, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by henry-tang

I'm planning to use semtec's GV7704 to receive SDI signal and output 1080p30 raw data.

Then use four ADV7513 to receive it's data and output HDMI signal.

I'm wondering whether ADV7513 can accept GV7704's data?


Datasheet : GV7704 Quad HD-VLC™ Receiver


The below shows the GV7704's output format and it says it belongs to BT.1120 compliant.




After checking ADV7513 design guide, it doesn't show ADV7513 can support BT.1120.



But I think ID=4 or ID=8 may match the format GV7704 generated.

Can you kindly help to confirm whether ADV7513 can accept this kindly of video data?

Any suggestion or comment are highly appreciated.