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Help debugging broken communication with AD9914 Eval. Board

Question asked by SteBal on Feb 26, 2016
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I've run into a problem with one of my two AD9914 evaluation boards. I attempted to apply external control to the board. However, I was not aware that in order to do so, some jumper settings must be changed. I applied a pulse to the IOUPDATE_BUF pin P101C - 6 from the external pin array (top right corner of the evaluation board schematic), in order to see if doing this has the same effect as applying an IO_UPDATE via the software. Applying the pulse while the board was still in PC control has somehow broken the ability of the board to communicate via the USB port with the board software GUI. I've attached a picture of what the GUI status looks like now. GUI_Status.png

The USB icon in the bottom right is green, yet I cannot get the board to produce any response when I send IO_UPDATES after entering some changes.


I am hoping to get some guidance on how to reset the serial communication of the board. I don't know if I can still control the DDS externally. After this failed attempt at external control I realized I don't know how to place the board in external control and I don't want to produce more damage before I get an expert's opinion. I've only been able to find a brief mention of this in the eval. board wiki user guide. So just to confirm, in order to place the board in external control I only have to disable the P203, P204, P205 jumpers and leave everything else as it is?


Solving the communication issue is critical to our on-going research experiment, so I appreciate any help.


Thank you.