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ADV7180: Delete of PCB layout solution "Separate Analog/Digital Grounding"

Question asked by aimPoint on Feb 26, 2016
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Hi all

I was compared to the data sheet (Rev.E) was submitted to the customer before the latest (Rev.J).


"Figure 53. PCB Ground Layout" with the accompanying description has been removed.

Description that are removed are as follows.



This ground plane should have a space between the analog and digital sections of the PCB (see Figure 53).


Figure 53. PCB Ground Layout


When using separate ground planes is unavoidable, placing a single ground plane under the ADV7180 is recommended.

The location of the split should be under the ADV7180.

In this case, it is even more important to place components wisely because the current loops are much longer, and current takes the path of least resistance.




I have the following questions.



What reson of change.



Is this correct in the "new design using a single ground plane " and  "not need to be changed if the existing design of separated ground plane"?



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