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EVAL-AD7356 + CED1Z --- any way to script/automate the capture?

Question asked by cmoreno_uw on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2016 by KarenNE



I've successfully set up these boards with the software that comes with it.


I wonder if there is some sort of API or some way to automate the data capture through this setup?


What I need to do:   we're using this for a research project, and I need to capture *thousands* of chunks of analog data;  the device that produces that data gives me an output signal every 30 seconds approx. and then at that point I have to capture a small chunk of analog data (say, below 1 second).  Then, I need to repeat that many thousands of time.


If I could do all this from a Linux machine, that would be a big bonus, but it's not a requirement.


Any ideas / pointers greatly appreciated!