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Question asked by Dmitrii_Timoninko on Feb 25, 2016
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I use ADV3224 in my design.

Datasheet said, that this device drives 150 Ω loads. I have a video signal, Fsig=5 MHz, scheme of my design in file, I use highpass filter C=20uF R2=5,1KΩ series with ADA4430 after ADV3224 and after through potential divider R2=75Ω, R3=75Ω series with C=10uF on AD9051.

a) Is it good, then ADV3224 load on highpass filter?

a) Should I use electrical conductor with surge impedance 150Ω after ADV3224 and with matching resistor between ADV3224 and highpass filter?

b) Should I use electrical conductor with surge impedance75Ω between ADA4430 and AD9051?


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