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ADDI7004 noise problem and temperature effect.

Question asked by on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by TFAnalog

Hi everyone,


I'am working with ADDI7004 ADC running on CDS mode, 10MHz-30MHz CLI speed. We have issue on the noisy image conversion.

17 out of 60 camera fabricated with this ADC having an issue as below:

Total of ADC use is 3 pcs to get 10 channel of CCD analog output.

When the IC temperature run below 35 degree Celsius. The noise came out as below.


And once the camera board start to warm-up and the IC temperature more than 53 degree celcius, all the noise gone as below image.


We need your advice if you have see this problem or having any idea to rule out the root cause. This is quite critical as the problem

happen when we start to run the mass production of the camera. It doesn't happen on previous build of 60 pcs prototype.