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HMC1040 & HMC1093 power supply

Question asked by sss on Feb 25, 2016
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Hi all,


Our customer application is the parallel amps & mixer layout for Rx radar,

and severely space limited, so a simplified local decoupling scheme is preferred.


The data sheets for the HMC1040 & HMC 1093 shows that all three power supply pins connect to each Vdds separatelly.

The application circuit and and the eval board both show three sets of three caps to bypass these three supply pins.

100pF, 10nF (ceramic), 4.7uF (tantalum)



Can the three pins be connected together to share the power supply decoupling?

Or, must the power supply pins be isolated from each other?



The 4.7uF (tantalum) is large size.

Can the 4.7uF (tantalum) replace, for example  the 4.7uF (ceramic) small size ?

Or , the each 100pF, 10nF (ceramic) connect to each Vdds,

and along with a 4.7uF (tantalum) ?


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