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ADAU1452 leakage

Question asked by henry-tang on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by henry-tang


I have some questions about ADAU1452.

When I send CLK by external crystal to ADAU1452's XTALIN/MCLK pin.

ADAU1452's power pin will produce a voltage even there is no power supplied to ADAU1452.

Once stop sending CLK to ADAU1452, this voltage will disappear.

If I remove ADAU1452, this phenomenon disappear too.

Customer afraid that it may have leakage issue for ADAU1452.

Now I'm using ADG779 to cut CLK signal between crystal and ADAU1452 before power up ADAU1452.

But I think it doesn't solve the root cause, can you kindly give me some suggestions?

Thanks very much!