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bridge Tx RF and Rx RF chains in AD9361 RFIC Transceiver

Question asked by ENGINEER on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by tlili


    1. I have a baseband board [baseband processor] which is integrated with AD9361.

     2. to evaluate an new external RF board from Analog devices. i have to make the Tx chain as bridged mode and so also Rx chain in bridged mode.

   3. explaning further, in Tx path, no upconversion filters or DAC should act, they should act like a bridge and sent the baseband signal out to external RF board.

   4. similarly, the rx path should be bridged, no GAIN stages or ADC or downconversion filters should act, they should send the incoming [baseband] signal [from external RF board] directly to the baseband processor


please let me know what settings do i require to make such arrangement [bridged mode] in both Tx and Rx directions in AD9361 RF transceiver.



RC Reddy