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Which Git branch(es) to use for ZC706+AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ?

Question asked by ma3001240 on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by AdrianC

I am fairly new to the Zynq development process, and have been trying to build the reference design (HDL + Linux) from scratch.  I am very confused over what combination of linux and HDL design I should use.  I want to use the latest stable versions.


I have cloned the "hdl" and "linux" Github repos, but despite building both of the 2015 releases for each of them, I cannot get a fully working system.  With some versions, the driver for the FMCOMMS card doesn't load due to version mismatch.  With others, the driver loads, but USB does not work in Linux.   I don't have any specifics to post, unfortunately, but I think my entire process is flawed.


To distill this down to specific questions...

  1. What branch of the hdl repo should I check out to get the latest working reference design?  2015_r2 maybe?
  2. What branch of the linux repo should I check out to build a kernel (uImage) that will work with whatever HDL design I am supposed to use?  Do I even need to make my own uImage, or can I re-use the one from the SD image?
  3. Where do I get a linux filesystem?  Can I reuse the one from the SD card images supplied on the wiki?
  4. After booting Linux, do I need to run any update scripts to have this work?


As I said, I am new to embedded Linux development, so please don't take my questions at face value - they may be very misdirected.  I'd appreciate guidance as to anyplace I have clearly misunderstood this process.