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Reading xVRMS values from ADE7880 are always 0xFFFFFF ..Why?

Question asked by on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by mkaiserm

Hi everyone,


I am developing energy meter based on a MSP430F5419a from TI and the ADE7880 from Analog Devices.


Checked: Power mode, it is in PM0 mode, so its correct. (Measuring the voltage in the pins)

I did initial setting like...thorugh SPI

I write this configuration via SPI


1: Set the PGA gain register =0x0000 i.e gain is set as 1.

2: Enable the high-pass filter (HPF) in the data path by setting CONFIG3 = 0x00.

3: Clear Bit 0 (INTEN) of the CONFIG register if a regular current transformer (CT) is used.

4: Initialize the CF1DEN, CF2DEN, and CF3DEN registers with the CFxDEN value of 1.

5: Initialize the VLEVEL=0x00380000 as given in specification  register (with the formula in the document) */

6: Enable the CF1, CF2, and CF3 pins by setting Bit 9 (CF1DIS), Bit 10 (CF2DIS), and Bit 11 (CF3DIS) to 0 in the CFMODE register.

7: Set COMPMODE = 0x0111

8: For write protection enble the regiser 0xE7FE =0xAD followed by 0xE7E3=0x80.

9: Set the RUN register to 0x0001 to start the internal DSP.

And then I initialize with the formulas in the datasheet:


I am try to read XVRMS are values through SPI but always getting 0xFFFFFFFF.


Please give me suggestions for proceed further..



Sanjay M.