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Support for FPGAs interfaced with AD9361?

Question asked by karan.jain on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by larsc

I would like to know FPGA support for AD9361 RF transceiver. I referred the wiki page of Analog devices and I got to know reference designs involving few selected FPGAs (mentioned below). I wanted to enquire about the support for other FPGAs for which the reference design is not available.

  • Below are the few FPGA’s for which ADI developed the reference designs
    • ZC702 (SoC) with XC7Z020-1CLG484I FPGA & Processor
    • ZC706 (SoC) with XC7Z045 FFG900 -2 FPGA & Processor
    • Kintex-7 (KC705) with XC7K325T-2FFG900C FPGA
    • Kintex ultra scale (KCU105) with XCKU040-2FFVA1156E FPGA
    • Virtex-7 (VC707) with XC7VX485T-2FFG1761C FPGA
    • Altera SoC Kit with Altera FPGA