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Better than ADA4084? Audio MIC/Line Pre-Amp Circuit

Question asked by DoruV on Feb 24, 2016
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I am planning to use the ADA4084 op-amp for a MIC/Line preamplification circuit.

My question is, is there any op-amp which might be better than this one?

When I mean better, I am referring to lower noise, lower voltage and current noise. Further the op-amp should be dual, work on single power-supply of max. 10V and have a THD+N value not worst than 0.002%.

Because I am planning a 2 stage op-amp stage, I think I would need two different op-amps:

1. For the first stage it should be an op-amp which works fine with gains from 2 to 20. (and input impedances of up to 8kOhm)

2. For the second stage it should work only as a follower, thus unity gain.(and input impedances of up to 1kOhm)


Thank you in advance for your help!

Any tipp and info is truely appreciated.


Best Regards