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(ADuM5401)I have few question about ADuM5401.

Question asked by donadona999s on Feb 23, 2016
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Hi !

I have few questions about ADuM5401.



For DC-DC output voltage , the datasheet p3 says the condition is VDD1=5V.

And Setpoint : Viso Min = 4.7V , typ = 5V,Max = 5.4V.

Does this means

  (A) if we input 5V , the output will change 4.7V~5.4V?


  (B) does this means if we input 4.5~5.5V , the output will change 4.7V~5.4V?

If (B) is correct, is it possible that if we input 4.5V, the output will be 4.7~5.4V?




For the Line regulation,  the value is 1mV/Vtyp .

How should we calculate about this.

Does this value means 1mV/V is 5V condition ?

For example

Vdd1=5.5V  ; 1mV*(5.5-5)=0.5mV

Vdd1=4.5V  ; 1mV*(4.5-5)=-0.5mV

Can you explain how to use this value?




At P7 of datasheet, the condition is "VDD1 = 4.5min~5.0typ~5.5Vmax.

But at Table10, Line regulation comments , it says VDD1=3.0~3.6V.

Is this typo?

Which is correct?




The datasheet says Load Regulation will change 5%.

So to take care about this is like...

・Viso=5Vtyp     ; 5×5%=0.25V      → Viso=5-0.25=4.75Vmin

・Viso=4.7Vtyp   ; 4.7×5%=0.235V   → Viso=4.7-0.235=4.465Vmin

Is my understanding are correct?

With question No.1 , the setpoint is just the target value so we have to take care about Load regulation too.

Is my understanding are correct?




At Figure21 & Figure22 it looks like At 1Mbps , Iiso = 0mA.

Does this means when the Frequency is lower than 1Mbps, I can ignore it?



Best regards.