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AD9613-VC707 Integration using  CVT-ADC-FMC-INTPZB

Question asked by satheeshbv on Feb 23, 2016
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I am working with AD9613-250EBZ and I want the digitized data from AD9613 eval board to be transferred to VC707 FPGA board. I am using FMC interposer card for data transfer between ADC and FPGA.


I am facing 2 issues currently.

1) Even though AD9613 is a 12-bit ADC, there are physical pins connected to D13 and D12 as well in the eval board (connected to A9/B9 and C9/D9 respectively). I am able to get valid signals from those pins as well. Are the signals of D12 and D13 pins a part of the digitized signal ?


2) Secondly, I am able to transfer the data bits D0 - D11 to the FPGA. However, I couldn't find the DCO  signal being transferred. When I tried to probe for continuity, I found that the pin A1 (of P1 in CVT-ADC-FMC-INTPZB) has no connection with the FMC counterpart ( P201 pin G6). As a result, I am not able to transfer the clock from ADC to FPGA. Could you help me figure this problem or come up with an alternate solution to transfer clock from ADC to FPGA ? 


PS. I have attached the picture of ADC-FPGA integration.



Satheesh Bv