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ADE7953 Calibration method

Question asked by Huan on Jun 30, 2011
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Does anyone who has the development experience using the power meter IC ADE7953?


I have two question about the ADE7953 calibration method.

(1)The ADI application note says the CF can be used to do this, which the standard meter's constant-MC is necessary in  the calculation.

I use an instrument--power analyser WT500(YOKOGAWA), which shows the test result directly with no MC.

How should I calibration ADE7953 with a standerd meter without MC?

(2)About the phase calibration: It is described as "make the input current and voltege PF to be 1/2".

But with input as 100V,100mA, making the PF to be 1/2 means the added-in inducdance should be almost 3Henry, which is too huge to find here.

How should I do the phase calibration?


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