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EKIT01-HMC7282B perfomance

Question asked by AkiraO on Feb 22, 2016
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I received an inquiry about a performance of EKIT01-HMC7282B from out customer. The customer got new EKIT01-HMC7282B in recent days. But the output signal on the eva kit is not good as another kit. The customer got the kit before. Do you have any comments about the output save form (please refer following picture)? How should we do for improving the wave form?


Output wave form of NEW KIT


Output wave form of OLD KIT


Test condition is fokkowings


input signal : PRBS PN7, 500mVpp

VDD1_X  :  5.906V

VC_X  :  0.008V

VG_X  :  -0.899V

VDD2_X  :  5.906V

VCTRL_XI  :  0.797V

VX_XI  :  -0.649V

VCTRL_XQ  :  0.797V

VX_XQ  :  -0.649V


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