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AD9361 Configuration (DATA_CLK)

Question asked by olivierN on Feb 22, 2016
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I am currently starting to work with an AD9361 (on AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ) on a FPGA development board, using the ADI driver which I customized lightly ( AD9361 Device Driver Customization [Analog Devices Wiki] )


I am confused with the clocks configurations and as I can not find the answer I am asking for help here.


My setup is composed of a sine generator on the FPGA, two RF boards an oscilloscope and a signal analyzer.

I need FB_CLK and DATA_CLK's frequencies to be 40 MHz but I measure the DATA_CLK at 20 MHz. Furthermore, the sine's frequency is twice as low as it should be (4,85 MHz instead of 9,9 MHz).


Here is the definition of the clock paths I entered in adi-fmcommms2.dti :


/* BBPLL     ADC        R2CLK     R1CLK    CLKRF    RSAMPL  */

  adi,rx-path-clock-frequencies = <1280000000 320000000 160000000 80000000 40000000 40000000>;

  /* BBPLL     DAC        T2CLK     T1CLK    CLKTF    TSAMPL  */

  adi,tx-path-clock-frequencies = <1280000000 320000000 160000000 80000000 40000000 40000000>;


I noticed that if I change the value of the register 0x00A (01 instead of 02) both my frequencies (sine on analyzer and DATA_CLK  on oscillo) become correct. The out_voltage_sampling_frequency is then equal to 80 MHz, which was an invalid argument when I entered it directly ( sudo cat out_voltage_sampling_frequency  echo 80000000 | sudo tee out_voltage_sampling_frequency)...


The reported path evolve as well:

(BBPLL : 1280, DAC : 640 ; T2:320 ; T1: 160 ; TF : 80 : TXSAMP : 80 (MHz))


This register (0x00A) doesn't seem to be modified when I load the driver.


Which configuration should I set, and do I miss some configuration options ?