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BF707 EZ kit SD card test fails

Question asked by wlodek on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by Nabeel


I am using BF707 EZ-kit with the ICE-1000 emulator.

I Have downloaded the ADSP-BF707 Board Support Package and built the included Power_on_Self_Test example.

When the POST starts I am selecting the SD card test.

I have various types of SD cards I want to test. These are:

1)Toshiba 2 GB minu=i SD

2)SanDisk 8 GB micro SD HC

3)4 GB micro SD HC

4)SanDisk 2GB micro SD

5) 1 GB micro SD


The only card that passes the test is (1) Toshiba 2 GB mini SD - it is reported as SD Version 1.x. This card is then fully functional in my other program that reads FAT32 files from the card (tested on the same BF707-EZ kit).


All other cards (these are all micro SD) do not pass the POST SD test.


8GB, 4GB and 2GB cards are recognized by POST as SD Version 2.x (2.7-3.6V compatible) but when ACMD41 is issued to the card. it always responds with the 'Busy' bit set to 0.

error = sd_mmc_send_command(SD_CMD_GET_OCR_VALUE, 0x40FF8000, RESPONSE_SHORT, TRANS_NONE, 0);

adi_rsi_GetShortResponse(hDevice, &response); //response is always 0x00FF8000


The 1 GB micro SD gives slightly different result. It is also reported as SD version 2.x and responds correctly to the ACMD41 (response 0x80ff8000). Unfortunately it fails when program tries to get the SD_CMD_GET_CONFIG_REG (ACMD51). RSI driver returns error=4 for the ACMD51 in the sd_mmc_get_sd_scr_register procedure.


Can anybody help ?

Attached are debug statements for cards that do not pass the POST.