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Self-boot from EEPROM with address lines not set to 000

Question asked by KKSL on Feb 22, 2016
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By default the ADAU1701 eval board connects to the on board EEPROM whose A0-A2 lines are all tied LOW.

On a custom board, is it possible for the ADAU1701 to 'self-boot' from an EEPROM whose A0-A2 lines are not set at 000?

Is it possible to do this by setting the correct I2C address from the USB interface block from the hardware configuration window?

If yes, then it seems that only A0, A4, A6, A8 are the available options. Further, is any specific EEPROM address needs to be avoided to avoid overwriting the EEPROM on the programmer or anything else?


Thanks in advance!!