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AD9910 Synchronization

Question asked by Giomaca on Jun 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2011 by DSB

Hello to everyone,

I need some help to synchronize two AD9910.

I read in the datasheet that it is possible to synchronize two AD9910, and i found on page 44 that "Clock synchronization allows the user to asynchronously program multiple devices but synchronously activate the programming by applying a coincident I/O update to all devices". It means that it is possible to apply two I/O UPDATE pulse simultaneously to the two AD9910.


I have worked only with one AD9910 in no-dwell high DRG mode where the ramp starts with a DRCTL positive pulse. But, in this mode I could not use the Multichip Sync Register (0x0A) to adjust the delay of the synchronization signal.


Now I need to work with two AD9910 in DRG mode. To syncrhonize the two ramp generated by the two DDS, I should use an I/O_UPDATE pulse to start the ramps. It is possible?


On the datasheet in Normal Ramp Generation mode (No-Dwell DRG mode) it seems that it is possible to start the ramp when an I/O_UPDATE pulse occour. It is right?


Thank a lot