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AD5933 EV software with low impedance/low frequency

Question asked by Grubi on Feb 20, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by musach


I see here are another discussions about similar problem, but it seems like more Arduino connected.


What I have problem here is measure low impedance liquids (DC resistance like 1kOhm), with AD5933 evaluation board and Analog deivce evaluation software.


If I calibrate with standard  - start 30kHz / delta 2 / 100 steps and resistor of 560R and then do my measurements it is OK.

If I calibrate with  - start 100Hz / delta 10 / 100 steps and resistor 560R and then do my measurements it is only sometmes OK.

If I try to start from 0 or 10Hz with any step software is always hanging after calculatign gain factor.

I'm using 16MHz oscillator on board. Try with RC oscillator on the chip, but result is the same.


Is it that chip is not support such low start frequencies because of 16MHz clock, or it is USB/Windows related problem or it is combined?


From my initial measurements I think most interesting frequencies for me will be 0-3kHz and impedances like 1kOhm.


Thanks in advance. Move or delete my post if those questions were already discussed.