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Driving AD9240

Question asked by Scott105 on Feb 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2016 by Scott105

Our application is driving the AD9240 14 bit 10MHz A/D.This is an instrumentation application so settling time, low noise and low drift are the more critical parameter. The goal is to have switchable gains up to 1000x using multiple stages. The input could be a square wave or pulse mixed with random noise.


Using the parametric search the ADA4895-1 and/or AD8021 appear to be the top choices with limits of 3nV/rtHz, GBP > 130M, The AD8099 and AD829 met those but the VosTC was 10x or more higher than the others.


Suggestions and comments welcome.


Note: The AD9240 was selected for compatibility with the test platform. Ultimately one of the newer serial A/Ds will be used, 20MHz or faster so an amplifier chain that can support the higher speeds is of interest.