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GNURadio: conection between Linux Host and ZC706/FMCOMMS5

Question asked by kying on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2016 by marcinsztajn

I am using FMCOMMS5 with ZC706. I test a simple GNURadio FMCOMMS5 example on the Zynq Target. It works. Then I move the example to my own Linux laptop and set the IP of the Zynq Board. No errors, but nothing happens.



Generating: "/home/kai/fmcomms5/gnuradiotest/"

>>> Warning: This flow graph may not have flow control: no audio or RF hardware blocks found. Add a Misc->Throttle block to your flow graph to avoid CPU congestion.


Executing: "/home/kai/fmcomms5/gnuradiotest/"


Using Volk machine: avx_64_mmx


>>> Done



I think the connection should be successful. If I set a wrong IP, there is an error.


Did I miss something? I did not install UHD and gr-osmosdr. Does it matter?