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AD9528 VCXO_IN pin max voltage level ?

Question asked by JimmyE on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by JimmyE

The AD9528 data sheet directs as follows in Table 4.  "Can accommodate single ended input via ac grounding of unused input; instantaneous voltage on either pin must not exceed 1.8V".     The AD9528 EVAL BOARD schematic appears setup to drive this pin directly from a CHVD-950 VCXO output which has 3.3V drive.  Seems like a conflict!   The data sheet also presents a substantial amount of characterization data using the CHVD-950 VCXO.  Can the AD9528 VCXO pin be safely driven above 1.8V in single ended mode?  ....and....  How should this VCXO be connected to the AD9528?