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Custom CPLB

Question asked by dmann on Jun 28, 2011
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I am using a custom board with cache enabled and 8MB of external SDRAM. What is the best way to subdivide the CLPBs pages? Initially I thought I would create 16 * 512KB pages. After realizing that there is no macro for PAGE_SIZE_512KB, I assumed that only the following page sizes are supported:


#define PAGE_SIZE_1KB          0x00000000  /* 1 KB page size */
#define PAGE_SIZE_4KB          0x00010000  /* 4 KB page size */
#define PAGE_SIZE_1MB          0x00020000  /* 1 MB page size */
#define PAGE_SIZE_4MB          0x00030000  /* 4 MB page size */


Would it be best to create 8 x 1MB pages? Or should I create 2 x 4MB Pages?


I should also mention that I want one page to be set as CPLB_DNOCACHE, so that I can DMA into it without having issues with Cache WB mode.