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Unhandled case in ad9361_tx_quad_calib

Question asked by digi_designer on Feb 17, 2016
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I'm using the AD9361 on a custom board and after initialization, I tried to set the sample frequency to 500 kHz, but got an error that said it "must be equal to DATA_CLK (lvds) rate." To fix this, I used the MATLAB Filter wizard to create a 500 kHz and a decimation of 2, because I'm using When I tried to set 1rx and 1tx, and I'm able to set the filter configuation, enable the filters, and set the 500 kHz sampling frequency. One issue is that I get the following message after enabling the new FIR filters.


"Unhandled case in ad9361_tx_quad_calib line 2994 clkrf 1000000 cktf 2000000"


The only case statements are for clkrf == clktf and clkrf == (2* clktf), what should be done when I see this message? Is this unavoidable when you have an interpolation greater than 1?