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Energy Meter Using ADE 7753 and Arduino Uno

Question asked by Joyanta on Feb 17, 2016

Hello, I am working on an energy meter project that uses ADE 7753 as energy monitor IC and Arduino Uno as MCU. I am using a voltage transformer for voltage sensing and a current transformer for current sensing. My question are

1. How do I connect the SlaveSelect pin of Arduino (pin 10 or 9) with ADE7753? Is it cheap select pin CS bar (pin 17)?

2. I am using a 230/12 V AC step down transformer which gives 14.5V. So I divide this voltage using a 33k+1k resistor divider which gives an output around 0.45V. As per datasheet the maximum voltage for analog inputs is +-5V. So I think it is safe, but what is the gain I should select. Is the gain selection automatic or I have to write on the register?

3. Is there any code for ADE 7753 with Arduino from any previous project that I can use as an example? I am new to this and I need your help. Thank you.