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AD9467 FMC + ZC702 - Capturing data via Analog Input on console

Question asked by marrot on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 14, 2017 by zhuge1
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i worked out the the reference design for ZC702 + AD9467 FMC using Vivado and SDK. Now i start up capturing data, by using the adc test-mode and print it in console.


for (n=0;n<1024;n++)
rdata = Xil_In32(DDR_BASEADDR +(n*2));
sampleI = rdata&0xFFFF;
voltage = sampleI*1.25/32768-1.25;

printf("DDR_ADDR: 0x%04x Wert: 0x%04x (%d) %.9f V \n\r", (DDR_BASEADDR +(n*2)), sampleI, sampleI, voltage);


Therewith i got the message ".. 1.250000000 V"


Now i would like to use the Analog input and first set



For analog input and clock in i used a Rigol DG5352 and set up 2.5Vpp sine clock and 2,5Vpp signal (tried regtengular, sin..).


But without the test-pattern, there is no reaction in my console message. There are only values around zero, for example:



DDR_ADDR: 0x8000558 Wert: 0x7fec (32748) -0.000762939 V

DDR_ADDR: 0x800055a Wert: 0x7fc8 (32712) -0.002136230 V

DDR_ADDR: 0x800055c Wert: 0x7fde (32734) -0.001296997 V

DDR_ADDR: 0x800055e Wert: 0x7fe6 (32742) -0.000991821 V

DDR_ADDR: 0x8000560 Wert: 0x7feb (32747) -0.000801086 V



It seems like there are varying incomming values for sampleI, so the clock works, or? Why is it toggeling around zero? It should be between -1,25 and 1,25 V.


What's the problem? Analog input? Clock? Code?