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Queries about AD7745

Question asked by WayneQ on Feb 17, 2016
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Dear Sir/Madam


This is regarding my query on the filter characteristics of CDC AD7745.




We want to use this device for the development of Level sensing of liquid propellants  used in Launch vehicles.  This is for the level monitoing only during filling or depletion. Capacitive level sensors are used for this purpose and we want to develop a new design to acquire the sensor outputs using this CDC. The volume requirement is very low.  If this design is successful, we may require ~25Nos per year.


I am familiar with the Sigma delta ADCs with sinc 3 filter ( TI make ADS1218) used in  our data acquisition units.  The filter response of AD7745 is not matching with the sinc3 filter characteristics in ADC.  Hence I would like to know more on the filter in AD7745.