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ADT7320 mounting method to measure aluminum block temperature

Question asked by ricky on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2016 by ricky

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One of my customer is using AD590JH metal can package temp sensor.

He measures temperature of large aluminum block and the AD590 TO-52 package is just embedded into the hole of aluminum block with heat conductive adhesive.

He is now considering to utilize digital type temp sensor instead of analog output type, such as ADT7320 for his new design.

Digital output type is much beneficial for circuit reduction and cost reduction, he is expecting.

His question is how to mount the ADT7320 to aluminum block with good heat conductivity.

Is it okay to mount the ADT7320 on thin flex PCB and is located into the square hole in the aluminum block with heat conductive adhesive?

Are there any other recommendation of mounting method for this application?

The temperature range to be measured is around 35 deg. C.


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