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HMC313 : Test data in the datasheet and Evaluation board

Question asked by AkiraO on Feb 16, 2016
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Was the test data of HMC313 datasheet measured by HMC313 Eva board which is shown page 8 in the datasheet? If yes, were LCR parts used the table in the page 8 of the datasheet?


As the Eva. board of HMC313, the pad of J1 and J2 are larger than other Eva. board, e.g. HMC311ST89. Could you advise me the purpose of the large size pads?


And, should we need to do the matching on a PCB for using HMC313? I received some inquiries from our customer.


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in case of Eva. HMC313 board;

in case of HMC311ST89 Eva. board