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FMCMOTCON2 custom axi_mc_controller

Question asked by 3ronaldt on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by ACozma



I would like to implement a dedicated closed control loop inside the FPGA fabric, using the current measurement as feedback signal.


The idea is to change axi_mc_controller block.


In the reference design, the adc_data_cx outputs of axi_mc_controller are connected to a DMA controller.

Inside axi_mc_controller the adc_data_cx outputs are directly connected to the ctrl_datax_i inputs (assign adc_data_c0  = ctrl_data0_i).


However, the ctrl_datax_i inputs are (intentionally) left open in the Vivado block diagram.


Is this correct and is it up to the user to connect the required signals to ctrl_datax_i inputs (for example the axi_mc_current_monitor outputs)?


Thanks and regards, Ronald