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tcpdump “No Such device”

Question asked by q2l on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by Aaronwu

Hi, i have same issue like this

>tcpdump -i eth0

device eth0 entered promiscuous mode

bfin_mac bfin_mac.0 eth0: set promisc mode

munmap of memory not mmapped by process 2584 (tcpdump): 0xffffffff-0x37fffe

device eth0 left promiscuous mode

tcpdump: WARNING: can't mmap rx ring: No such device

Warning: Kernel filter failed: Bad file descriptor

tcpdump: can't remove kernel filter: Bad file descriptor



board: custom base BF527

distr: buildroot-2014R1

kernel: 3.10.85

tcpdump: 4.7.4

libpcap 1.7.4


Please, help me.