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Ask for How to Design ADL 5391 for usage of Multiplier

Question asked by roiger% on Feb 16, 2016
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I want to know about each details of functions of some pins of ADL5391 for usage of Multiplier.

Of course, I read already the descriptions of each pins of ADL5391 described on the datasheet of that.


First of all, I intend to use ADL 5391 for application of Multiplication under the ultra high speed condition at 800 MHz,

and I do to input two incoming signals to ADL5391 by utilizing XPLS ( 13 PIN ) and YPLS ( 11 PIN ) .


I am a beginner to design the connection between passive elements and each pins of ADL 5391 for application of multiplication. Could you show me a external typical circuit diagram proper for multiplication ?


Please let me know the detail values of each passive elements to be indicated on the external typical circuit diagram appropriate for multiplication.


And Especially, the names and functions of pins such as VMID(16 pin), ENBL(15 pin), ZPLS(10 pin), ZMNS(9 pin), GADJ(8 pin), COMM(1,7 pin), VPOS(2,3,4 pin) are quite new to me.


I'd appreciated for it that you arrange each detail passive parts to be connected to the above 7-pin, VMID, ENBL, ZPLS, ZMNS, GADJ, COMM and VPOS.


I need one more your answer as following question.

Must each of ZPLS and ZMNS be connected to each WPLS and WMNS ?


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