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Windows version of IIO Scope issues with DAQ2 connected to Arria10 board

Question asked by vong on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by DragosB

I have an Arria10 board connected to Rev E of DAQ2 board.  Successfully followed your wiki and created an Arria10 image (sof) by using hdl_2014_r2 branch from GitHub. Also programmed Nios of FPGA with linux kernels and using windows version of IIO Scope.  Arria10 board is connected via ethernet (see image below). 


I'm having issues getting IIO Scope to recognize converters on DAQ2 board to capture and configure the board.  Is this a known issue with IIO Scope?


Arria10_DAQ connection.jpglinux.png