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Input switching during frame blanking

Question asked by MXChris on Feb 15, 2016
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I'm using the ADV7280 as a video decoder in a FPGA-based design.


My setup is


-CVBS Input on AIN1

-pixel & sync output drivers enabled

-deinterlacer enabled


Everything is working fine. Now I´m looking for a way to change the input from AIN1 to AIN2 during the frame blanking period (VS is configured to be high during active frame). Is there a possibility to restrict the change of the input channel to the frame blanking interval (VS = 0) even if the corresponding command is received during an active frame (i.e :buffering of the change command)? Some kind of special switching mode etc...


I know about the sync issues switching between unsynched video inputs. At the moment I'm just looking for a way to change inputs at the end of a frame


Currently I'm writing to register 0x00 (INSEL) in order to change the analog input.


Thanks in advance!