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Is the GNU radio FMComms2/3/4 sink working?

Question asked by wes_hard on Feb 13, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by wuto
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Is the GNU radio FMComms2/3/4 sink working?


We could output the CW tone using GNU radio FMComms2/3/4 sink block (Verified in Spec An as well)


Our main goal is to be able to use FMComms2/3/4 block for my GNU OFDM transmitter.  We have put together the OFDM blocks but it throws out an error.  We captured the GNU radio block diagram as well as the error message.





If anyone could provide some help, we would appreciate very much.  Thanks!


Here is some more info


Hardware Setup

Zedboard + AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ


SW Setup

Ubuntu: 22 December 2015 Release (2015_R1)

GNU radio version 3.7.8