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System with mgtrefclk?

Question asked by rgetz Employee on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2016 by BrianE

Someone asked me by email;



We are looking at the JESD eval kit from Xilinx/Avnet which bundles the FMCDAQ2 card but had a few questions.


We are concerned the board does not supply a separate JESD core clock for sysref synchronization.  It appears to rely on mgtrefclk which may not be compatible at the higher rates.


It appears the dual AD9680 card, FMCDAQ4 board does seem to have this support.


Is there a similar Xilinx/Avnet bundle for with the FMCDAQ4 or AD9136 cards available?


If we purchase the Xilinx eval kit, can these other two eval cards be readily adapted to it?



- Robin