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ad9361 receiver data capture by using libiio

Question asked by connie on Feb 11, 2016
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I am testing AD9361 by using zedboard combined with fmcomms3. I found the IIOD server and programmed the SDR using libiio library. I could send command to the SDR to change some parameters, such as Tx_LO, through Ethernet. Now I am trying to test the receiver side of SDR and I'd like to capture the receiver data. It seems that the cf-ad9361-lpc is the device which I can capture the data through. And I also found that there is a function called  reg_read(uint addr) in the device.cs code. So I tried dev.reg_read(addr) to capture the data of the receiver path. It seemed not right, as I just got one value and the value seems always the same. So I am wondering if I use the right function to capture the data from cf-ad9361-lpc. Where can I find the address parameter for the function of  reg_read(uint addr). Finally, is it possible to use libiio to capture data from SDR receiver path.