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How to solve noise related issues in ADuM4223

Question asked by ramesh_cdac on Feb 11, 2016
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I am using ADuM4223ARWZ in Full bridge dc-dc converter for one of my application.

I found noise signals present in Gate Pulses output from  ADuM4223 which are coupled back to input PWM pulses

as shown in snapshot.Also,there is significant drop in supply voltage +15V.Pls refer the circuit schematic attached.

This happens actually when i am loading my converter.


Full bridge dc-dc converter specification :

i/p voltage : 48V

o/p voltage : 400V

Switching frequency : 100 kHz


I tried by increasing the capacitance at gate driver output but still the gate driver power supply drop(around 2V)


Kindly help to solve the above issues.